Become a Friend of the Trust

Vesalius Trust Pledge Card

Many people, including members of the Association of Medical Illustrators, have made individual contributions to the Vesalius Trust. Some have made one-time donations and others have made long-term pledges. Some contributions were made in honor of recently deceased friends, while others were earmarked for special purposes. To recognize and encourage these valued contributors, the Friends of the Trust was formed.

More than a fund-raising group, the Friends of the Trust are intimately involved in Trust Activities. Friends share the camaraderie of working for a common goal and benefit from special cultural and educational events sponsored by the Trust. Trustee Marcia Hartsock said of the Friends, “If we as individual contributors … don’t have faith in the Trust and show our financial support, how can we ask future … contributors to do so?” That philosophy is the basis for many of the long-term pledges made by new Friends. Marcia adds, “This is a very good way to return to my profession some of the benefits I have received from it.”

In addition to pledges of financial support, the Trust also gratefully accepts memorial gifts. Scholarships have been established in honor and memory of Alan Cole, Inez Demonet and Charlotte S. Holt, Ph.D. A fund supporting continuing professional education in ethics has been established in the memory of Ernest W. Beck.

Friends of the Trust:

Bill & Vicki Andrews
Charlotte Bauer
Joan W. Beck (Mrs. Ernie Beck)
R. Michael Belknap and Gillian F. Duncan
Don Biggerstaff
Ella May Breckenridge
Amy R. Bridgeman
Robyn M. Cole
Robert Demarest
John Dorn
Marty and Barb Finch
Gwynne Gloege
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Inc.
Marcia Hartsock
Tim Hengst
Margaret and Charles Henry
Lucille C. Innes
Marsha Jessup
Alice Katz
Gary Lees
Craig Luce
George Lynch
Tim Phelps
Mark Schornak and Deborah A. Ravin
Sue Seif
Volker K. H. Sonntag, MD
Robert F. Spetzler, MD
William J. Stenstrom
Edith Tagrin
Tad Taranishi
Linda Warren