Recipients of the Vesalius Trust’s Dr. Frank H. Netter Award


1991, The Anatomy Project, Dr. Debra Hastings-Nield, Scholastech Interactive Television, Ltd.

1992, Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine, Greg Swayne A.D.A.M. Software, Inc.

1993, Mayo Clinic Family Handbook, CD-ROM, Mayo Clinic, Medical Illustration Interactive Venture, Inc.

1994, Soft Tissue Simulator Trainer, Margot Cooper Limbs and Things, Ltd.

1995, Human Histopathology: An Interactive Video Guide, Charles Bridgman, PhD

1996, Patient Education Media – Time Life Medical Video Series, Jane Hurd and C.Everett Koop, MD Time Life Medical Publishing

1997, 3D Computer Generated Anatomical Library Tom McCracken, Biographics

1998, Virtual Temporal Bone, Mary Rasmussen et. al. University of Illinois at Chicago

1999, The Machinery of Life, David Goodsell, PhD Scripps Research Institute

2000, Anatomy Revealed, Roy Schneider Medical College of Ohio

2002, AccuTouch Endoscopy Simulator, Bill Glass Immersion Medical

2005, Glass Horse Project, Flint Buchanan and Mac Smith, PhD The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

2006, A Dynamic Approach to Learning Respiratory Physiology, Michael J. Parker, MD Harvard Medical School

2007, Virtual Eye/Virtual House, Mary Rasmussen, Richard Fiscella, et. al. UIC and Allergan

2008, The Virtual Temporal Bone Dissection Project, Don Stredney, PhD Ohio Supercomputer Center

2009, PROMPT Birthing Simulator, Margot Cooper Limbs and Things

2010, Emmi Programs, Greg Blew Emmi Solutions, LLC

2012, The Johns Hopkins Atlas of Pancreatic Pathology, Ralph Hruban, MD; Bona Kim, MA; Corinne Sandone, MA, CMI; and Toby Cornish MD, PhD

2013, Foldit, The Foldit Team at the University of Washington

2015, BoneBoxTM Series, Nick Klein, iSO-FORM, LLC