The Dr. Frank H. Netter Award

The Dr. Frank Netter Award for Special Contributions to Medical Education

For the Vesalius Trust, developing and supporting research and education in visual communications means more than simply raising and dispersing funds. It also means raising the awareness of the health-care community about the value and impact of visual communications, and encouraging researchers and educators to effectively use visual communications.

The Dr. Frank H. Netter Award for Special Contributions to Medical Education annually recognizes the person or persons who have recently developed visually oriented educational materials with either proven or potential impact on the way health sciences are taught and/or practiced. The Award was established in 1990 to honor Dr. Netter’s lifetime contribution to medical education, which greatly aided the advancement of visual communications in the health sciences, and contributed immeasurably to the promotion of medical illustration as a profession.

Entrants have come from around the world, exemplifying excellence in the integrated use of visual communications and instructional technology in medical and health science education.

The Frank Netter Award is given annually to an individual, institution or company in recognition of the development of visually oriented educational materials which, through independent testimonial or documentation, have been demonstrated to have met the stated educational objective as well as made a significant contribution to the advancement of education and research in visual communication for the health sciences.

The award was first given to Frank Netter, M.D. in 1990 and accepted by Phillip Flagler, then director of medical education at CIBA-Geigy Pharmaceuticals, and later a Vesalius Trustee. The award was named in Dr. Netter’s honor the following year. Dr. Netter, who died in 1991 at the age of 85, was best known for his artwork published in the Clinical Symposia series and the CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations.

Dr. Netter is recognized by both physicians and medical illustrators for his concise and creative presentation of complex medical materials. His relationship with CIBA, and his contribution to the Collection was one that benefited medical education on a grand scale, stimulating this award. Dr. Netter was an honorary Vesalius Trustee until his death.

Individuals, institutions or companies engaged in the development of visually oriented educational materials that have influenced health science education or practice are invited to apply for this prestigious award. The award is accompanied by a $1,000 cash prize.

The 2016 application deadline (for the 2017 award) is December 15, 2016. For additional information follow the Application Guidelines link below.

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