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Associated Professional Organizations

Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI)

The Association of Medical Illustrators is an international organization founded in 1945, and incorporated in Illinois. Its members are primarily artists who create material designed to facilitate the recording and dissemination of medical and bioscientific knowledge through visual communication media. Members are involved not only in the creation of such material, but also serve in consultant, advisory, educational and administrative capacities in all aspects of bioscientific communications and related areas of visual education.

The professional objectives of the AMI are to promote the study and advancement of medical illustration and allied fields of visual communication, and to promote understanding and cooperation with the medical professional and related health science professions.

Association of Medical Illustrators

International Anaplastology Association (IAA)

Mission, Vision, & Values

The International Anaplastology Association is an international organization founded in 1980 and incorporated in California as a 501c4 Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation as the American Anaplastology Association. The association was created to bring together a wide variety of specialists involved in providing restorative prostheses for patients with facial and somato disfigurements due to cancer, trauma, or congenital origin.

IAA’s Mission
The IAA promotes quality patient care by supporting the development of best practices in anaplastology through educational conferences, networking, publication, and advocacy opportunities.

IAA’s Vision
The International Anaplastology Association is the recognized global forum for excellence in continuing education, research, and innovation in anaplastology.

The IAA embraces these core values…
– To create an intellectual climate where members can come from diverse professions and turn information into knowledge.

– To introduce old and new members to ideas that will encourage critical thinking.

– To provide a respectful atmosphere in which members express their view, show their work and listen and learn from the work and views of others.

International Anaplastology Association

Association of Biomedical Communications Directors (ABCD)

The purposes of ABCD are:

“to establish a continuing forum to share information, materials, and ideas; and to act upon matters of
mutual concern to the membership. The Association shall foster, promote and implement research and
education in administrative practices as related to communication in the Health Sciences.”

ABCD Home Page

BioCommunications Association (BCA)

The mission statement of the BioCommunications Association (BCA) is:

“To be the source of education and expertise for all users and
producers of visual communication media in the life sciences.”

BCA Home Page

Board of Certification in Clinical Anaplastology (BCCA)

The mission of BCCA is to promote and provide certification in Clinical Anaplastology for the enhancement of patient care and professional practice.
The Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology (BCCA) sets the
highest standards for quality facial and somato prosthetics care through:

  • Stringent education requirements
  • Rigorous written and clinical certification examinations
  • Mandatory continuing professional education
  • Professional and ethical guidelines
    BCCA Home Page

Board of Certification for Medical Illustrators (BCMI)

The Board of Certification of Medical Illustrators administers a certification program for illustrators who
seek a recognizable means of credentialing. The designation of Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) denotes this
voluntarily earned credential and provides a recognizable means of signifying a practitioners current competency
in the profession of medical illustration. Please note however, the CMI credential is not necessary or required
for a medical illustrator to be a skilled and successful practitioner.
BCMI Info Page

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI)

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators is a non-profit organization of people engaged
in the field of natural science illustration. The Guild strives to maintain and further
the profession, assist others interested in entering the field and encourage high standards
of competence. The Guild offers membership to those earning their living, in part or whole,
by the rendering of scientific illustrations, or to anyone interested in furthering the
Guild objectives.

GNSI Home Page

Health Sciences Communications Association (HeSCA)

HeSCA’s purpose is to nurture the growth of it’s members by providing opportunities for the sharing and exchange of ideas, concerns, and interests with other professionals involved in the effective application of educational technology to health sciences education. HeSCA also serves as a focal point for those engaged in health sciences communications, and to give direction to the development of the profession.

Health Sciences Communications Association

Journal of Biocommunication (JBC)

The Journal of Biocommunication is dedicated to serving as a showcase of biocommunication techniques; describing proven and experimental procedures in medical art and illustration, print, photography, film, television, computer, multimedia systems, and other communication modalities applied in the health sciences.

JBC Home Page